Meat Farms – January 2019

Meat Farms

i see you
talking about freedom of speech
i see your demands
i could show you a meat farm
and you would be
the most offended of all
it is funny,
how people like you
demand freedom of speech
to say as you like
but the reality is, what you mean is
you fear the loss of your privilege
which you mistake for your rights
freedom of speech, is not a universal reach
you say,
we must say as we please
let me should you some meat farms
and watch your offence breed
so i guess,
what it means is,
that this version, your version of freedom
applies to you alone
what you fear
is the loss of power and ‘rights’
why should we listen to other voices?
it is, after all centred around the likes of you
and you entitled choices

James Garratt – January 2019

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