Watching Me – Friday 22nd November 1996

Watching Me

i have got your attention
now you are watching me
you may be able to realise
that i can be watching
just like you
i have got your attention
and a face peering at me
i do not know your name
but to me it is still a game
just a different day

i have got your attention
as you are passing my direction
but it is only going to be a brief moment
i will not have your full affection
older than me, though young at heart (i’m sure!)
now you are watching me
briefly wondering who i am
as i am about you
i hope you can understand the situation
because i know that i do
now i have your full attention

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James Garratt – Friday 23rd November 1996

At this time I used to travel on the train to London for work, I would often write pieces. In fact there are pieces from period I remember writing on the train. My writing pad always went with and with an hour commute to kill it was a good time to write. The train was always packed though and if you were lucky enough to find a seat you’d be crammed in with others. On this occasion I was writing, i’d probably been writing the poem previous to this, ‘Everything We Try’, or at least I was reading some pieces. I distinctly remember a woman reading my pad over my shoulder. So as a kind of joke i wrote the above poem and as she was reading it, i could see her slowly realise she was reading about herself watching me. She probably thought i was unhinged, possibly odd and a bit mad. There was no harm meant by it, it was just fun, well it was to me anyway.

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