Unwanted Life Lessons – Written Wednesday 18th December 2019 (Aged 44)

Unwanted Life Lessons

my parents taught me (inadvertently)
how to manage people
with personality and mental health challenges
they never set out to
it was a by product
and a lesson with a syllabus
that required much application

i never wanted this lesson
but as i have made my way through the adult scape
it has served me well
how ‘proud’ would they be
to know, possibly,
that this is the most useful thing they taught me

lots of people are boxes
with broken glass inside
they have not been handled with care
with their impossibly sad eyes
who was there?
who took hold?
when life fell to the constant crusher
and it all began to fold

so this life, our life, your life,
i was set up to see and observe
i watch –
as the fragile, the anxious and the scared swerve
parents taught me well,
no intention of course
they nailed their mental health
to a steely grooved blackboard
i was trapped in their classroom
with no option but to learn their course
inadvertently, how to manage mental health
was the lesson i was taught

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James Garratt – Wednesday 18th December 2019

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