Rotten at The Core – Written March 2013 (Aged 38)

Rotten at The Core

it was an audience –
of the dissatisfied
the not sure,
the people without a voice
the young, some of whom giggled
the old, who felt we still had a chance
these people,
they just want to be heard
the bankers in their banks
and those who said, ‘no thanks’
the crumbling euro economy
capitalism has fallen
and though i am too pragmatic
to believe socialism is the answer
the squeeze on the many –
from the the wealthy few who are taking every penny
makes me think we need something new
we sat there,
and i watched the film
ken loach,
carefully constructing a story
that easily cross the rich lord’s moat
hammered on the drawbridge door
we are losing a way of life,
something is rotten to the core

James Garratt – March 2013

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