I Will Shut My Mouth – Written October 2017 (Aged 42)

I Will Shut My Mouth

apparently i am a man
it seems the sole word, ‘man’,
well that should define me
i thought,
we were moving to an age –
of less gender stereotyping
i guess for some –
there is still some fighting
that needs to be done
apparently, as i am –
i have to shut up and listen
you see, my role has been set
my behaviours already chosen
i am part of the problem
and apparently,
as, ‘a man’, i am truly broken
this is not about me, apparently –
but i never thought it was
i thought for those fighting –
for better definition –
were actually more considerate –
about the human condition
so when did finding s voice –
just become about exerting power
when all this change –
should such division continue to flower?
apparently, i am a, ‘man’,
and i am pre set, and pre programmed
they will know how i behave
it is already all said and done
applying to me, societal half truths
hastily concocting norms
i will shut my mouth and listen
bathing in the hot fire of others scorn

James Garratt – October 2017

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