Protector – Most Likely Written Sometime Between September and November 1994 (Aged 19)


she said,
will come to bed with me?
and suddenly, i felt so young
i felt so scared,
things went crazy in my brain
i followed with weak knees,
and in the morning
i knew things could never be the same
and i knew,
they never would be, not ever again
can we grow?
to be as strong as anything
can i take your mind
and explore your dream
and what will find?
do not leave me now,
i promise to be kind
she was the protector of my future
she knew it may not last
but for now she is my protector
and she scare away my past
my past was dripping quite slowly
but now the drops run really fast
see, youth is hard
you have so much to do
you are never around
but that is the price i pay
i would give anything,
just to see you and speak to you today
the subjected, the protector

James Garratt – 1994

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