Out in the Wilds – Written Sunday 30th November 1994 (Aged 19)

Out in the Wilds

out hear no one hears you scream
and no knows where you have been
it is no inner city
it out here, in the wilds
where the scenery is pretty
where people –
from the stock exchange
come back to live again
out here the fields grow high
people live a different pace of life
and only they know why
the things in the night
just do not cry, they never ever cry
out here across the flats
where the sky is always shades of blue
it is no smog infested –
inner city, urban zoo
the children pass through –
with eyes so wide
clutching their bucket and spade
down to southend –
for a day at the seaside
and on the way home
they all look upset, some even cry
and the day so slowly dies
i remember as a child
being out in the wilds, i loved the wilds

James Garratt – Sunday 30th October 1994

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