Turning a Blind Eye – Written Saturday 5th November 1994 (Aged 19)

Turning a Blind Eye

wednesday morning it is no good
he has an aching head
it aches,
from the previous nights drinking
he is an angry person
he wants someone dead
so he goes out with his rifle
and shoots someone
blows away their head
it is easy nowadays,
you can blame anyone
you can take it out on who you want
we watch the world slowly die
there is only so much you can take
before you turn a blind eye
a man dies for no reason
one minute he is holding his wife
then he is no longer there
it is not right,
but they call it community care
out of sight, out of mind
but the problems are everywhere
they are not hard to find

James Garratt – Saturday 5th November 1994

James Garratt – Saturday 5th November 1994

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