Doing Well – Written Saturday 19th November 1994 (Aged 19)

Doing Well

do not tell me
that you life is hell
i am telling you
you are doing well
you have friends by your side
and you are alive
and as, ‘corny’ as that sounds
that means a lot
you have your dreams
something to aspire to
that is what they are there for
you do not need –
to smash everything up
that would not be doing –
anything positive
there is no point being negative
that is not way to live
you have got to go forward
otherwise you will not give a toss
and you will be bored
then you will be lost
and even if you are making mistakes
you are still learning
and you will get some, ‘lucky breaks’
so do not tell me
that your life is hell
look at yourself
and realise, that you are doing well

James Garratt – Saturday 19th November 1994

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