Does It Seem – Written Saturday 19th November 1994 (Aged 19)

Does It Seem

does it seem –
that you are not as good as the rest
does it seem –
you are always taking second best
things seems so cruel
the people you love
never feel for you
and the ones you do not love
are the ones that do
every girl i have ever met
has appeared to be weird –
or a freak
some have had strange names
and a couple did not want to speak
do not get me wrong –
i do love a freak
except… maybe myself
but when i wish for somebody else
perhaps they are not the best people to meet
does it seem –
that reality is always far removed
far removed from the dream
sometimes things are as good as they can be
but sometimes i feel worse off
is it just me?

James Garratt – Saturday 19th November 1994

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