Magic Face – Written November 1994 (Aged 19)

Magic Face

i got ten hours sleep
grabbing a bite to eat
old shoes, old feet
and my old coat too
i have a ghost to meet
the train pulls in
i do not get on
because it is not there
an inanimate object with a soul
and a driver with 1930’s hair
i have got to get to where i am going
i am so confused
and i do not know what i am doing
the motorbike roars past
the last time it did that
the rider found out
that life does not last
the land of ghosts
the castle on the hill
with its dried up moat
the beach that is all polluted
sat upon by a rotting boat
the angels are well suited
to this rotting hell
the church is crumbling
and no one ever rings the bell
soon i am tumbling
but it does not bother me, i am well
as soon as i am in this place
as soon as i see the magic face

James Garratt – November 1994

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