Thinking Back – Written Wednesday 30th November 1994 (Aged 19)

Thinking Back

i met the freaks again
i somehow ended up at their place
i left quickly
before they could laugh in my face
i told my friends
all about life
how i see it
and we started to sort out wrong and right
our wrong and right
i told some people
all about space
one of them was an artist
she was good at copying and taught me to trace
i had a dream
i changed the world
i built a time machine
but it became broken
and it never knew where it had been
i went back to where we had begun
but it was not earth
it was another planet, which was too near the sun
it was an old world
and far from being young
but i soon realised that it was all in the mind
the place where all our secrets hide

James Garratt – Wednesday 30th November 1994

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