Abyss – Written Approx. Late 1993 or January 1994 (Aged 18)


if i was to face the end
of everything i know
could i face it with you
would you stay, would you go
let me be thereto take your hand
it is a good substitute
when there are things
that you do not understand
if i was going down
to the bottom of the abyss
if i were not around
would i be someone you miss
let me in, it is cold outside
so cold, i can only sit and shiver
i do not think i am going to survive
i am a believer in the unseen
but i am getting old
i am just an old has been
walking the littered streets
and filling the cracks of my dream
but i am there for you
i would be anything you want me to be
i try to do, only what i want to do
could you save the world for me
from the fragrance of a stolen kiss
i can only slip, fail, and slide
as i avoid the abyss and watch things die

James Garratt – 1993/1994

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