Cycle – Written Tuesday 28th February 1995 (Aged 20)


watch now as the sky turns black
like the path you are taking
there is no turning back
when the black enfolds you
and you start to age and feel old
you will not feel so warm
because you will be left out in the cold

i could tell you about the night-time blues
as you play hopscotch
with your scuffed and worn shoes
it is not good –
turning back to what is gone for comfort
it can only offer memories
warms days from many years ago
and cold cornish seas
with christmas’s devoid of snow

everything seems to be a cycle
if it happens, it happens…
perhaps only a few things are vital
do not let the black night
be the only mirror in your life
let it turn into day, it is the only way
things may never be perfect
but you can be okay
and you can keep good things in sight

James Garratt – Tuesday 28th February 1995

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