Reward Poster – Written Monday 27th February 1995 (Aged 20)

Reward Poster

i want to leave it all behind
get away from this place
i almost looking at trees
in case i see a reward poster
with a picture of my face
it is the kind of paranoia
born out of fantasy
it is a bit like religion
the fantasy is better than the realism
i feel weak and my face is pale
suddenly life is going nowhere
i feel stale, people keep on at me
as they sit round my home
if they do not want to be near
just leave me to be on my own
let me sort out things in my own way
let me take each day
why is it some people in relationships
sit in judgement on your life
think they have really achieved something
always telling you if you are wrong or right
perhaps they have achieved something
but is it for life?

James Garratt – Monday 27th February 1995

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