Carrying Cans – Written July 2011 (Aged 36)

Carrying Cans

i am sure i am a good person
yet it seems –
others freewheel to make you feel worthless
and if you question
then you are told, it is your fault
and that you are releasing –
the insecurities from your personal vault
i am sure i am a kind person
and a saint, but not the kind –
to leave a crowd feeling faint
so how is it, i am expected to carry cans
when the cans are heavy
and the kind to cause me strain
and when i look –
they have much more than my name
and behind the laughter –
is a very different place
if you were to peer inside or beyond my face
you would see a different person
i guess it is an acquired taste
and you never want to learn that lesson

James Garratt – July 2011

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