Identity Theft – Written Tuesday 14th September 2010 (Aged 35)

Identity Theft

i fought for this identity
and it may be,
a but run down
and it may occasionally,
be on the wrong side of town
but it is mine
and i am proud
i will not let others define me
it will not be allowed
especially when others,
rarely stand out in a crowd
and that form the autism
the one you decided,
that i had to have
it was only because
i was expected to carry everything of dad
how dare you,
who are you to tell me who i am
when you,
have never been a star
in my most beautiful night sky
you have never found my words
or even held me, deep inside
so who the hell are you!
i fought for this identity,
i will not have it taken away or stolen

James Garratt – Tuesday 14th September 2010

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