Planning Permission – Written June 2008 (Aged 33)

Planning Permission

i wish she would come over
but now i am too tired to care
i remember the things we did
the clothes she used to wear
and now i am reduced –
to using four letter words
words like love and verse
as she ticks every box
i wish she would come over
and we could talk –
till the night draws in
but i am here tonight
stuck here, just me and the pen
and though she knows
exactly how i feel
to her they must just be words
and how do i make them real
i tingle every time she touches me
i shudder when she hugs me
and when i drink too much
and i take about her,
a tear falls from my eye
she has all the planning permission
for my dreams deep inside

James Garratt – June 2008

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