First Class Pilot – Written Thursday 23rd September 2021 (Aged 46)

First Class Pilot

fragility is painted on my eyes
a first class pilot
sign writes my skies
successful people
climb up so high
there can be no more
once you die
and every meaningful note
must come with a dark and heavy sigh
i live for whom i am
trying to defend every successful try
complaining has never been my rule of thumb
a first class pilot
gave me flying hours when i was young
just as my depression jumped in
wearing a brass iron lung
love is always a place to let
or rooms to let
and first love is a party goer
dressed up and easily sent
there is heavy plant crossing
and my hopes climb up rainbows
but when no one is looking
then let others go far too slow
a first class pilot
is found on my frigate
cooking dreams way down below

James Garratt – Thursday 23d September 2021

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