Fear and Prejudice – Written Tuesday 23rd November 2021 (Aged 46)

Fear and Prejudice

people are living in fear and with prejudice
they pick up with eager glee –
the weaponised words taught and given to them
and like blind privileged gladiators –
they fight for a cause
but it is a cause that does not exist
yet these people co-exist with prejudice
and it shows,
because they have no critical thinking
yet, the ability to comprehend and think objectively –
is critical
they talk about, ‘woke’,
and political correctness’
they judge and critique younger people –
for wanting change
and for just being curious
but never acknowledging that they themselves –
have benefited from enormous social change
and from other peoples creativity and curiosity
now, with their cheap mortgages all paid up
and their investments, final salary pensions –
endowments all home for good
they weaponise words based upon fear and prejudice
but they are just tools, tools made of balsa wood

James Garratt – Tuesday 23rd November 2021

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