Rejection – Written October 2007 (Aged 32)


you were not rejected by me
of course you sae it as such
and that is why it spiralled out of control
that is why in reality you failed to keep hold
you feared rejection and a lack of love
because inside you are still child –
abandoned and never encouraged
never given self belief
or how to get the bit between your teeth
you were not rejected by me
or by the others in your life –
who you also perceive as rejecting you
curiously, we have the same diagnosis
which remains unproved and unlikely to be true
it was the fear of rejection which drove you
it drove you endlessly around the block
made you nervous as it failed to stop
it led you to the shadows
the ones which were never really there
but you cannot starve a child of care
you were never not loved or wanted
but that is what you feared
perhaps we should have nurtured you
perhaps love should have been easier to understand
but it was only your fear,
the fear of rejection
this is uncomfortable truth
the one which through stamping and shouting
you have desperately tried to drown out

James Garratt – October 2007

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