Lead Piping – Written Tuesday 3rd March 2016 (Aged 41)

Lead Piping

mine is a remarkable state
but do not mistake me
as idle arrogance
or financial boast
mine is one of belts and braces
and the thames estuary coast
i have seen changing faces
and deprived places
i have pulled myself up
if not from the gutter
then maybe from the lead piping
i was a pacifist general
embroiled with clumsy infighting
mine is a story
where strength of character
has had to lead
but for all the positive
on occasion there has been a bleed
depressions, frustration, anger
they have all too easily found me
leaving me with a bowl
asking for calm and restraint
confounded by lapses in control
mine is a remarkable story
where prediction can be inverted
listen to the words that carry
and wonder how they will be converted

James Garratt – Tuesday 3rd March 2016

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