Truth Searches for a Believable Friend – Written Thursday 21st April 2022 (Aged 47)

Truth Searches for a Believable Friend

i just do not care but then, perhaps i should
i have fought hard for arguments and beliefs
those founded on balsa wood
these days are underpinned by culture wars
but unlike left or right,
i remain gloriously bored
if i ever saw the light,
then i definitely pulled the cord
have you seen this, everybody asks
it is another distraction as the bombs fall past
as truth realises, it cannot remove its cast
as honesty realises, the rewards move too fast
it is another stage managed distraction
as the bombs land with an almighty blast
i shield my being from the shrapnel and the shards
i eagerly write down my thoughts
in a pack of birthday cards –
of which i know that i will never send
as truth, searches for a believable friend

James Garratt – Thursday 21st April 2022

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