The Only Escape – Written August 2001 (Aged 26)

The Only Escape

what is rejection
is it a case for the defence
or someone else’s lack of detection
and what is getting lost,
just someone else’s lack of direction
or is it a brand new adventure
what is worry,
a careful eye for the future
or an untold story
so let me raise the hopes of others
and let me bring in the glory
i will learn the ropes,
do not worry
what is feeling
a glimpse of the tender inside
the actual texture of human beings
what does it mean when the door is closing
surely it is the end of one book,
with a new one opening
someone will change,
and we will wait and we will dream
it is the only escape.
i do not believe we live here,
tied to unchangeable and immovable fate

James Garratt – August 2001

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