What Is Going On – Written Monday 1st March 1993 (Aged 18)

What Is Going On

what is going on
someone broke the vision
things are looking bleary
when i turned on my t.v news
and i watch the news
i thought it was a video nasty,
a real horror show
everything has gone wrong
as they play eric’s song
is the world dying
has it become greedy and self satisfying
what is going on
things are not right
is the world turning into the darkest night
ruled by the hidden fears and fight
have we lost the way
what is going on
come on, play me a song

James Garratt – Monday 1st March 1993

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    1. Yes, I think so. There is something about being 17 years old and overwhelmed by the world you find yourself in. Particularly if you haven’t got the emotional or social skills and development to cope. This early stuff is very outward or escapist. I have no idea of my identity at this point 🙂

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      1. Haha knowing our identity is not the most important thing. It’s intriguing that you’re keeping track of your development in life. I love it! 17 is the age to feel as if you know it all while actually knowing nothing haha. I was a big know-it-all at that age 😛

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