The Dungeons Of My Head – Written Wednesday 4th March 1993 (Aged 18)

The Dungeons Of My Head

the light of the land takes a foreign hand
in the chill of night
the vision of a cold and empty past
comes into sight
as a girl takes the hand of a lost plight
girl with the eyes which have a story to tell
she sits deep inside my head
and soon, she and my mind start to gel
now i look behind me,
and the past is dead
so much to tell, so much to say
in the heat of the day,
i am pushing her for some luck to come my way
what can i do
when i’m watching what i do and what i say
as the cool presence of evening approaches
my fear escapes from my head
it feels like a thousand cockroaches
but i know my past is dead
banished as it is, to the dungeons of my head

James Garratt – Wednesday 4th March 1993

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