Nightmare Beings – Written Saturday 6th March 1993 (Aged 18)

Nightmare Beings

here they are –
living lives high out in the cold place
frosty looks,
and all seeing stares
a windy night,
with a nightmare containing familiar places
it makes them feel –
like they have been to the dark world and back
impish beings and tired memories
they climb your subconscious to be free
a forgotten realm with a castle for the child
an ancient kingdom –
which lay beyond the horizon –
the one that people could see
but all was not well,
the night the mighty kingdom fell
as the sea turned into a monster and began to swell
and no one was left,
to share the tale of this mighty world
banished to the cold place,
without pride and without face
the reincarnated descendants from a seedless race
litter the earth,
and lay dormant in the subconscious of the unknown
coming out at night as the nightmare is blown
their past is your deepest fear
love for them will bring sacred tears,
as they now live out lonely years

James Garratt – Saturday 6th March 1993

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