Overgrown With Moss – Written Friday 15th June 2001 (Aged 26)

Overgrown With Moss

they will chain me to a cross
the one,
overgrown with moss
i know it is lost
i know it has gone
so let the lighthouse reel me
and let the gas lamp shine on
to be honest,
i feel complete,
not just one half
i balance up the good and the bad
i cry and then i laugh
but they will chain me to a drain
as i lie there,
with scattered memories from my brain
they will pull down my estate
all my skyscrapers,
without a trace
so serve me fresh
on a new painted dinner plate
because i am a mess
and that is why they will chain me to a cross
the one,
which is is overgrown with moss
i do not believe you can reclaim it
not when it is so lost,
and i know i am here on a cross,
the type that is overgrown with moss

James Garratt – Friday 15th June 2001

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