That Girl Parts 1 and 2 – Written Tuesday 22nd December 1992 (Aged 17)

That Girl Part 1

if i wrote everytime you were on my mind
the paper and trees of this world
would be something you would never find
my soul is a sitting house for your beautiful self
i was made by selfish construction
i am ruled by a past, hell bent on destruction
walking the plains of reality just to be free
unraveling the mysteries of this strange world
longing to understand and see

That Girl Part 2

damn girl,
please won’t you see me please
free from your insane reality
love is weird, don’t you think?
then girls like you
leave me to sink
damn girl, cannot remove you –
from my mind
damn girl, i cannot think

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James Garratt – Tuesday 22nd December 1992

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