The White Cliffs Hum – Written Sunday 20th December 2020 (Aged 45)

The White Cliffs Hum

melting rivers of madness
lit by torches
that light up dreams
trampled by shirehorses
battle scarred history
served upon a cracked plate
as royalty licks its germanic wounds
and passes its fate
small pubs,
dotted across the landscape
run dry of tears
as capitalism expels another death rattle
and the wealthy
make all too heady capital
this is what they told her
this is what they told us
would be a golden age
a sinking ship and a shrinking wage
as borders creak under
the heat of ingrained prejudice
ignorance sings a christmas song
whilst every merry flag waver
psychotic through ignorance sings along
welcome to your new country
remember though, it has a chesty cough
the white cliffs hum
as opportunity falls right off

James Garratt – Sunday 20th December 2020

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