Who is At Fault – Written Sunday 19th February 1995 (Aged 19)

Who is At Fault?

who is at fault?
i see that everyone –
is passing judgement on each other
and thanks to their opinions
we are no longer together
and i do not know who is worse
you or friends

who is at fault?
you or i?
i was sure that it must be you
because i was not so shallow and immature
to let it easily fall through
you really need to grow up and make that quick

who is fault?
it is not as if your thick
and thanks for leaving me to be with shallow people
i bet they will really thank you for it
especially when they decide to move on
to somewhere, someplace new
i hope you remember people like me
when they do

who is fault?
people who stupidly really cared
for a silly little child who was too scared
hiding behind a life
which is probably not as bad as it seems
why do you need people to make decisions for yourself
right or wrong i always make them on my own
i am just like everybody else
that is the only way you will go far
who is fault?
well.. i think you are

James Garratt – Sunday 19th February 1995

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