Somewhere Else to Stay – Written Thursday 20th January 2022 (Aged 47)

Somewhere Else to Stay

two years –
since you went away
but did you –
ever really stay?
i guess –
this means –
you won’t be here –
on saturday to pick me up…
and i guess –
that means –
i won’t see your car –
outside the flat
and i guess –
christmas will be less chaotic…
less shared presents perhaps
am i grieving for a loss –
or something –
that never quite turned up?
is there a gap between reality –
and never quite enough…
two years –
since you went away
is the pattern of my life –
that you always had –
somewhere else to stay?
for you –
there was always a brighter day
(that did not exist)
and a different, greener type of grass
it feels like time shifts gears with ease
it is two years since you passed
and still my head is full to the brim
or the questions i could never really ask
but that is okay –
in my life i learned to accept –
that you always has somewhere else to stay

James Garratt – Thursday 20th January 2022

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