It’s Like We Never Happened (Written Thursday 20th January 2022 (Aged 47)

It’s Like We Never Happened

it is a shame
after all these years
and despite what happened –
we cannot acknowledge our life together
for you,
it appears it never happened
it is like we never happened
for me,
the mistakes i made –
it is very hard
but it’s not forgiveness
just maybe acceptance that we existed
as a couple –
as husband and wife
from eating pasta in a converted church
to building a life
but it never happened
and all i am left with is notes
that we wrote to each other many years ago
affection etched in ink
and i know what i did was hard
but i often sit back and think
but i don’t think you do the same
when mum died,
you were so beautiful and kind
that is why it’s such a shame
if only we could be friends
perhaps i am naïve
perhaps it does not matter in the end
maybe it would ease some trauma
but i don’t think your resolve would bend

James Garratt – Thursday 20th January 2022

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