The Colouring Book – Written Thursday 21st June 2001 (Aged 26)

The Colouring Book

you opened my eyes
which is amazing,
because i never realised that they were closed
i never thought about it
you make it so obvious
but i never thought i was colour blind
or i had ties that bind
but you have opened me up
just like a colouring book
and you have started to colour in
using the most spectacular shades
you opened my eyes
and you are so completely gorgeous
all i can do is revert to clich├ęs
yet it is still so hard to find the words
to describe what you mean to me
until now i never realised what i needed
not till i met you,
it is a situation that i now so crave
it’s so difficult but whatever i have, it’s yours

James Garratt – Thursday 21st June 2001

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