Had a Phrase – Written June 1997 (Aged 22)

Had a Phrase

had a phrase –
got blasé and phased –
by my inner self
astrology did not chart me
i was like everyone else
no one wrote what i thought
not deep down inside
i cannot apologise for this
the paranormal stalks
psychologists still talk
i did not get involved
i let my imagination walk
i worry about my psyche
its sense of proportion and reality
lost a chance as one was gained
has a phrase –
people read it and looked at me
what does it all mean?
its just a feeling from a dream
something i caught in the moment
as it was there
and i tried to put it down here
had a father –
who believed he was close
but closer was not true
less of a father, more, further
at least a mile away
had a phrase –
somewhere in the thoughts today

James Garratt – June 1997

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