About Thirty Years of Rain – Written Monday 30th May 2022 (Aged 44)

About Thirty Years of Rain

i had to let him go
about thirty years of rain
making the best of a bad job
too much pain
and me,
mistakenly believing –
that he was part of my life story
length of time though –
is no measure of worth
i knew he was broken back then
so why did i ever think –
it would be so different now
silly me,
silly, silly, silly me
silly me for giving a worth to someone
who did not and could not –
do the same for me
it’s ridiculous –
some of the things we believe about others
so, in the end i had to let him go
and i had to think –
did he ever help me grow
and i realised –
it is just the length of time
that has kept me clinging on
well whatever i have actually done
that toxic relationship has now gone

James Garratt – Monday 30th May 2022

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