Well Done – Written Tuesday 31st May 2022 (Aged 47)

Well Done

at times, in my life it feels like –
i am in a constant pursuit –
of a, ‘well done’
maybe it’s because my self esteem –
has at times being tried,
convicted and then hung
maybe it is because self esteem –
keeps close tabs on fun
maybe it is because ego –
always finishes last
even when it claims to have won
maybe my belief –
is held up by someone waving a gun
maybe i need to find hope –
in the bottom of my lungs
but sometimes,
i just need a, ‘well done’
hold aloft just for me a torch
because every doubt i sense –
really can scorch
i try not to deny –
when i watch someone climb high
when they find a realistic way –
of drying their eyes –
when they understand –
every sign writer in the skies
approval is the removal of self doubt
that is why a, ‘well done’ –
carries so much life affirming clout

James Garratt – Thursday 31st May 2022

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