Crowned – Written September 2022 (Aged 47)


institutions only exist
so that they can reinforce their influence
and they only exist to reinforce their power
never has it been about equality
let me pass on this one,
because i have no time for so called royalty
even as queues form to view the coffin
and queues stretch well into the night
it is evidence that their soft power
pushes down upon us with all its might
but we all sit at the table
and wonder why the portions remain unequal
yet they demand a bigger bite
because these institutions only exist
to aid class reproduction
and as the people form a queue
i wonder if they realise that they do not serve me
and they certainly do not serve you
and then i wonder,
why should i serve them
after all they have all the land and wealth
plus, all the stones and gems
and none of this is about a level playing field
or any kind of notions around equality
in this, our more modern disparate age
i will pass on this so-called royalty

James Garratt – September 2022

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