The Estuary Woman – Monday 28th November 2022 (Aged 47)

The Estuary Woman

yes, i remember her
from all those years ago
those years,
when i was closer to thirty
then fifty,
and i remember her demeanour
and the flat she purchased
the one,
which overlooked the estuary
the one,
that she hoped,
would lift her up socially
i remember that estuary woman
all clothes and shoes,
but the make up
could never mask the news
the type,
that she tried to conceal
the news that her self esteem was in debt
and no one was paying the bill
that happiness had turned to something else
which is much harder to feel
but that estuary flat,
stopped the self from starting to congeal
and all those aspirations
could become real,
that estuary bound woman
looking out of her windows
at the thames making its way into the sea
and that flat,
situated on the seafront at the quiet end
i wonder if she made it,
i wonder if it has been worth it in the end

James Garratt – Monday 28th November 2022

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